Meaghan Sorce
My work utilizes found paper and methods of manipulation to explore relationships in color, shape, space, and form. Creating and exploring history is one of my main intentions. The materials used have their own history, unknown to the viewer, and frequently unknown even to myself. My objective is to build on that, and give each painting its own history.

I do not consider my work to be representation, nonobjective, figurative, or abstract, even though every piece I make can be considered to have elements of each of these classifications. My intentions are to focus strictly on the relationships within the dimensions. When representational images are incorporated, I do not consider them to be the subject of the piece, but merely a technicality of the process. I want to show that paper can in many ways act and move the same way paint can. To me, there is no separation, hierarchy, or reason to classify when it comes to paint and paper.